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FITOPLANCTON MARINO is a company dedicated to the production of high-quality microalgae with high added value created to satisfy the needs of the aquaculture, aquarium and cosmetics markets. In addition, the company produces products for human consumption, guaranteeing the highest quality standards and extensive experience.


Convinced of the importance of its work, the Management of FITOPLANCTON MARINO maintains a firm commitment to the manufacturing of healthy and safe products. Along these lines, it is also committed to continuously improve the efficiency of its management system and complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those established by the organisation itself.

The Management of FITOPLANCTON MARINO manifests its commitment to Food Safety and Quality though its Quality Policy and is committed to its dissemination throughout all levels of the company, and to provide the necessary resources for full compliance.

FITOPLANCTON MARINO distinguishes itself from its competition thanks to the natural quality of its products, as well as to its innovation in the knowledge of the requirements to commercialise microalgae, and is committed to offering the maximum quality, safety and hygiene of our products while ensuring the safety of its food.

The basic principles of FITOPLANCTON MARINO’s Quality Policy are as follows:
- To commercialise products that are safe for consumers, exceeding current and applicable food safety regulations and health standards.

- To identify the needs and expectations of our customers, ensuring their full satisfaction and strengthening the products’ maximum quality and safety.

- To create elements that differentiate our products from those of the competition by focusing on Quality and thanks to the highly professional handling of its resources and products.

- To improve operational functioning by focusing on efficiency and effectiveness of the processes.

- To develop stable relationships with suppliers and subcontractors that lead to a product with standardised quality, in order to increase customer satisfaction.

- To provide dignified work conditions that promote workplace safety, health, satisfaction, and the human and professional development of our employees and collaborators.

- To respect the environment, avoiding, insomuch is within our reach, any type of contamination, minimising the generation of waste and streamlining the use of natural resources and energy.
-To comply with the laws, regulations and norms of the countries in which our products are commercialised, taking a clear stand against corruption, extortion and bribes, and complying with the legitimate contracts and commitments signed.


For this reason, Management ensures that ALL OPERATIONAL UNITS in the organisation contribute, in their corresponding measure, to compliance with the established Quality Policy, giving the Head of the Quality Department full authority to manage the Quality System, with support from annually established objectives.